FS: 1988 Toyota Truck

I have for sale a 1988 Toyota Truck, 3VZE engine, 4WD, Automatic Transmission, about 235,000 miles. If none of the photo links work, truck is pictured in my signature to the left. My contact info: Terry, phone or text on 559-363-0003, email is twgin@me.com Truck is located near Fresno,...

Is the engine ridiculously overfilled with oil?

Hi there, I went looking at a 1.3 (2NZ-FE?) Echo at a used car place today, and I opened the oil filler cap I saw the oil level sitting about only a few cm's from the opening. I assume this is rather far from normal since the oil filler cap is located on the valve cover beneath that would be...

September 4th Longwkend Monday Mosport DDT track event 10:30-5pm #18 event Touge.ca

*2017 September 4th Long weekend Monday 10:30am - 5pm Mosport new DDT Lapping event, #18 Touge.ca event 2017!* Hello all drivers, We would like to setup a CTMP Mosport DDT lapping event for our drivers and friends. *All Beginners are welcome!*

Tonneau cover solid, with folding panels.

Extang model #ext-83461, for Gen 3 Tundra with 5'5" bed(short), purchased last Aug 2016, condition excellent. Paid $839, sell for $550. Awaiting camper shell. Prefer not to ship, located in Riverside county, So Cal. Will meet half way within reason.

16' LE to S instrument gauge swap

Hey all before i purchase a unit on ebay or something. Can i install the S version in my LE? Will it work? Or will i need to call the dealership or shop? Please let me know id love to get one.

smelly vent and ac

how to get rid of musty rotten egg smell coming out from the air vent and ac ?

People Like my Avalon

So I have a 2004 Avalon in Blue Mirage Metallic with 112,xxx miles that is close to mint (and all stock). A few weeks ago, the wife and I went to a resort in Colorado. When we first got there, I was a bit uncomfortable as I saw nothing but new-model, high dollar vehicles everywhere. However, in...

Is Draining Oil filter Cartridge Necessary?

Hi, I've got an 07 Avalon and plan on changing the oil myself. Never changed oil that utilized the cartridge style filter. The only question that I have before getting started is related to the drain plug on the end of the cartridge. Is it necessary to drain the oil from the cartridge before...

crazy vibrating noise inside bottom A-Pillars

has anyone ever dealt with / repaired this noise. it sounds like a loose part inside interior of front doors, bottom of A-Pillars, or inside fender top rear corner. I hear this alot on road trips and moderate speeds when windy. both sides, I have heard it in another 2011 hl limited identical...

how did this happen? (clutch mystery)

Hope someone can shed some light on this for me. I'm giving my '01 Corolla to my son, so it needed a safety. No problems, but my mechanic mentioned that I might want to replace the clutch fluid, and implied that it was straightforward. I thought so too after reading up on it and watching a video or...

2010 Corolla TPMS light on

Hey guys, new to the forum. My mother's corolla was low on tire pressure, so I went and filled the tires with air. After doing so, for some reason the TPMS light came on. So I checked the pressures and they were all right where I filled them up; right around 40psi per tire. I tried using the reset...

How a Brake Booster and Master Cylinder Work

I cut open a brake booster and master cylinder from my Corolla to see what’s inside and how it works. I made a short video on the breakdown here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4Ka4__ws1E The brake booster is responsible for multiplying the force that is being applied to the master cylinder....

A/C System / Compressor Nightmare

Ok I am going to try and be as clear and concise here as possible including all pertinent details.... 2015 Scion xB Purchased NEW (195 Miles at Delivery) October 2015 "Purpose Bought" to be Upfitted to a service vehicle. Dealer maintained service warranty for 35,000 miles. At 35,000 miles...

New Head Unit - Bluetooth Track Info

Ok this is a difficult question to google so I'm hoping someone can help. I just bought an Axxera head unit for my 2003 Highlander (no JBL), everything seems to be working great except one thing. When I play bluetooth audio the track info on the screen says "Toyota Highlander Car Stereo" for...

A hybrid battery problem??

About 12,500 miles on car. Six bars on dash battery charge indicator. Park car for three hours and it's down to 1 bar. There are no warning messages or icons on the display. I think this is something new. Doesn't seem normal. What's happening? Thanks.

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