For Sale 87-95 Stock E7 Heads

87-95 Stock E7 Heads, $40 each Image: (

For Sale 94-95 5.0 Mass Air Meter Harness

94-95 5.0 Mass Air Meter Harness, $40 Image: (

For Sale 94-95 Mustang 5.0 T-5 5 Speed Wiring Harness

94-95 Mustang 5.0 T-5 5 Speed Wiring Harness, $60 Image: (

For Sale Accel DFI Standalone System for a SBF

Accel DFI Standalone System for a SBF, $400 Image: (

Urgent help !!!

Hello everyone , my Friend 15" GT is having a strange Problem When he turns the car each time he will drive for a while then (All the warning lights in the dashboards cluster will On 😨😨) then the steering will be rough and can't drive it anymore Plz if anyone had this before or having any...

For Sale Aod high performance converter

Have a dynamic racing transmissions 1800 stall converter low miles a few 1/4 passes. $250 plus ride and pp fees

For Sale T5 new 1989

Selling for friend. New T5 from a 1989 mustang with 7 miles. Car was totaled In Massachusetts. $950

302 knocking

Hell guys, I just recently did h/c/I in my fox body. Used trickflow tw heads 170, f303 cam and edelbrock rpm2 intake. And installed 4.10 gears. I did the swap about 2 months ago and just recently started driving it hard and last night I did a pull at the track and the car started doing a knocking...

P1sc numbers

Hey guys I'm having my my 02 gt dyno'd on July 8th want to see some guesses on numbers. It made 302/307 with cams here is what I've got Stock bottom end and heads Hi-tech stage 2 cams Trickflow valve springs Fox lake p51 intake Accufab throttle body Siemens desk 60lb injectors Sct ba5000...

Why cant I run a LX92 crane coil w/ HI6S

Why cant I run a LX92 crane coil w/ HI6S Please explain..:smile2:

C4 question

Anyone ever use a gear vendors setup with a C4?

Rear wheel well coatings

Hey guys. Redoing the rear wheel wells on 90 coupe I've scraped off some of the original stuff off and now I'm doing a full degrease and about to apply new stuff. But I don't know what to use. I'm looking to hear from experienced users. I don't want something that will flake off. ...

For Sale BBK O/R H-Pipe for LT's 87-93

I have a BBK off road H-Pipe for long tube headers, its Part #1510. It has the hanger ears cut off & has a Wideband bung welded in, currently capped off. Asking $100 plus Paypal fees (3%), I'll cover the shipping Thanks

For Sale NEW Aeromotive Fuel Pump Wiring Upgrade Kit

I have a new Aeromotive Fuel pump wiring kit, Part #16307. Its all new in the original box. Asking $90 plus paypal fees (3%), I'll cover the UPS shipping Thanks Logan

For Sale NEW Vortech V3 Si Kit 87-93

I am contemplating selling a new Vortech v3 Si 10 psi kit for 87-93 5.0's, Part #4FA218-140L. The kit is mounted and installed, however the car has not moved since the kit was installed - the s/c belt has never been on the pulleys. I also have an AFM power pipe, and their billet belt...